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AAV Plasmid Preparation

Preserve the Integrity of ITR Regions in Your AAV Vectors

GENEWIZ’s new AAV plasmid preparation service delivers superior quality for mini- to giga-scale AAV vectors, while maintaining integrity of ITR regions. Our proprietary QC process, including full sequence verification via AAV-ITR sequencing, ensures delivery of intact ITR clones for your targeted gene therapy research.




Features & Benefits



Robust 2-step QC system with sequence verification using GENEWIZ’s proprietary AAV-ITR sequencing



Turnaround time starting at 6 business days** with Ph.D.-level customer support throughout project



Mini- to giga-scale plasmid preps



High success rate compared to standard plasmid preparation kits and protocols



Multiple analysis options available (sterility testing, restriction digest, full plasmid sequencing, etc.)



Screening process to isolate intact ITRs in mixed populations

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Please contact our Technical Support team with any questions.

(877) 436-3949 ext. 2 |  dnaseq@genewiz.com

*Plasmid DNA is currently the only starting material accepted.

**6-day turnaround time for samples that have previously been ITR sequence verified at GENEWIZ.