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CLIA Whole Exome Sequencing: Request a Quote

Questions? Please contact us at clia@genewiz.com, toll-free at 877-436-3949 ext. 1, or directly at +1-908-222-0711 ext. 1.


Do you require RUO Whole Exome Sequencing? Click here

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between "CLIA-Validated Service" and "CLIA Environment" service levels?

The only difference is that CLIA-Validated Service includes a Lab Director Signature and QA Oversight whereas CLIA Environment does not. In addition, the CLIA Environment service level allows greater flexibility in experimental design, such as custom starting materials, and offers a range of sequencing coverage options.


2. Do you provide RUO Whole Exome Sequencing?

Yes, we do. Click here to request a quote.


3. What is the advantage of exome sequencing compared to whole genome sequencing?

Whole genome sequencing requires an extremely high amount of sequencing throughput to generate a moderate depth of coverage. The data generated, while comprehensive, does not allow detection of mutations with as much sensitivity as a targeted approach. Exome sequencing is the most cost-effective and efficient solution.

A large portion of relevant mutations occur in the exome. In fact, the exome contains as many as 85% of disease-related mutations. Covering less than 2% of the whole genome, exome sequencing requires only 1/50th of the sequencing throughput to generate the same depth of coverage. This approach provides flexible experimental options:

  • Maintain the same depth of coverage and multiplex more samples into the same sequencing lane, significantly decreasing total project cost
  • Increase the depth of coverage to facilitate the detection of rare, low-frequency mutation
4. How much coverage do I need?

The answer depends on the goals of your sequencing project. Our CLIA-Validated service is only available with ~50x coverage, which is ideal for germline variant detection. In contrast, our CLIA Environment service provides a wide range of coverage options to meet your needs for a variety of applications, as outlined below:

  • Germline/frequent variants: 50-100x
  • Somatic/rare variants: ≥200x
  • Tumor vs Normal: ≥200x tumor, ≥100x normal
  • Population studies: 50-100x


5. What bioinformatic analysis is available?

We provide raw data as FASTQ files for all projects. We also offer mapping and variant calling through BAM and VCF files, respectively. Please note that no variant annotation or interpretation is offered at this time.


6. How do I contact GENEWIZ for a technical consultation about my project?

GENEWIZ‘s CLIA Team is composed of Ph.D. scientists who can help you optimize your project design and provide consultation to answer any questions. For any form questions that require support, please contact the CLIA team at CLIA@genewiz.com, toll-free at 877-436-3949 ext. 1, or directly at +1-908-222-0711 ext. 1.


7. Why choose GENEWIZ for exome sequencing projects?

We have proven our steadfast commitment to superior service throughout the years, becoming established as a global leader in DNA sequencing and genomics. Further, we have extensive experience and expertise in next generation sequencing techniques, including population-scale sequencing. Our CLIA NGS services build upon our RUO services, utilizing the same optimized workflows but within a CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited laboratory.


8. Is your laboratory CLIA-certified?

Yes, our laboratory is both CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited. Our CLIA and CAP license numbers are 31D2038673 and 8015683, respectively