CRISPR Validation (genoTYPER-NEXT™) Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

1. What types of genome editing events can genoTYPER-NEXT detect?

The genoTYPER-NEXT assay can be used to detect point mutations, insertions and deletions from several techniques, including CRISPR-Cas9, zinc-finger nuclease, TALEN, and homologous recombination.

2. Can I target more than one locus per sample?

Yes. We will determine if your multiple loci can be covered in one amplicon or not. In any scenario, we should be able to accommodate you. Please discuss this requirement with our technical experts.

3. What if my target region is greater than 525 bp?

We can work with you on designing a custom assay to cover your full target region of interest.

4. How much coverage will I receive per sample?

GENEWIZ has developed an ultra-high throughput library preparation approach that can sequence up to 10,000 samples per run on the Illumina® MiSeq. The MiSeq generates at least 10M paired reads/run. As our standard policy, we do not split MiSeq runs between customers. Therefore, you can expect at least 1,000 paired reads/sample. Since most projects don’t have 10,000 samples, the expected amount of data per sample will ultimately depend on your sample count.

5. Does GENEWIZ perform sgRNA screening studies?

Yes. Please describe your project in the order comments section of this quote request form or contact our technical experts.

6. I'm interested in off-target effects. What does GENEWIZ offer?

We have several options to assay for off-target effects. Our high-throughput whole genome/exome sequencing casts a wide, unbiased net at large genomic regions. Researchers can also provide predicted off-target sites for custom targeted sequencing. Lastly, you can use RNA-Seq to identify gene knockdown, off-target edits, global gene expression, and alternative splicing.

7. Do I need to download special software to view my results with your interactive genoTYPER-NEXT data analysis platform?

No, the data is delivered in HTML format which can be opened with the latest version of most web browsers. Instructions on how to open your files will be provided to you with the files. View an example report (login required).

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Sample Preparation

8. How should I prepare and send my samples?

View our Sample Submission Guidelines for instructions on preparing and sending your samples. Ship samples directly to our facility. Use the shipping address listed on the order receipt.

9. What happens if my samples do not meet your starting material requirements?

Please contact us at or 1-877-GENEWIZ (436-3949), ext. 1.

10. What is the minimum amount of starting material you can accept?

We ask for at least 30,000 cells or 500 ng of genomic DNA for this assay. If you have less material than this, please contact our technical experts.

11. Can you work with single cells?

Most likely yes, however, we would need to learn more about the purpose of your project. Please describe this request in the order comments section of the quote request form and our technical experts will contact you to discuss further.

12. Can you accept other types of samples besides cell pellets or purified genomic DNA?

Yes, please contact our technical experts.

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Order & Processing

13. How do I request a quote?

For a quick tutorial, watch the video below. Under the Next Generation Sequencing section, select the Targeted Sequencing icon and then CRISPR Validation.

14. How do I confirm a quote?

For a quick tutorial, watch the video below.

15. How do I submit the GENEWIZ sample form (to provide detailed information about my samples)?

For a quick tutorial, watch the video below./p>

16. How can I monitor the progress of my project?

The status of your order, including an estimated date of delivery, can be viewed anytime through your GENEWIZ account. Visit the Order Summary page of your project to find the current order status.

17. How long do you hold samples?

We hold samples for one year after project completion. Please contact us if you would like samples retained for longer or shipped back to you.

Have a specific question?

Email | Phone 1-877-GENEWIZ (436-3949), ext. 1

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