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Welcome to our Customer Laboratory Information Management System (CLIMS) help page, providing you with lots of useful information about how to use GENEWIZ's new online ordering and data management portal to place your Sanger Sequencing Orders. We are currently in the process of moving customers over to the new ordering portal which includes Barcodes for Sanger Sequencing. If you have not yet been switched to the new system, you will be soon - here is a preview of what to expect in 5 easy steps. 

How to Get Started With Barcodes for Sanger Sequencing in 5 Easy Steps:

CLIMS_Step_by_Step_sept6_2018 (002)


*You can choose either Prepaid or Non-Prepaid Barcodes for tubes or plates.
Important: Be sure to use the 1.5 ml flip cap Eppendorf tubes when submitting in tubes.
The automation process requires this size, so to avoid delays when processing your samples, these tubes need to be utilized.

Existing Customers

If you have previously registered and used My Project Portal (MyPortal), your CLIMS account should already be set up and ready to use. You can login at https://clims4.genewiz.com using the email address we usually contact you with. Use the ‘Forgot Password’ function to reset your password through a link sent to your email address. You should have been sent a pack of Non-Prepaid Barcodes that are already activated within your account and are ready to use. If you have not received your barcode labels yet, please let us know. If you need additional barcodes, log into your account and order more.


New Customers
If you have not used GENEWIZ before you will need to register on the CLIMS portal and set up your account https://clims4.genewiz.com


Login to CLIMS


Step-By-Step Guides

New to CLIMS or to Barcodes for Sanger Sequencing? Download our detailed step-by-step guides:

Ordering, Assigning and Managing Barcodes

Download Guide

Download Guide - French


Placing a Sanger Sequencing Order on CLIMS

Download Guide

Download Guide - French


Service and Options

For our Sanger Sequencing service options, download the summary table here:

Download Service & Options Table


Contact Us

Can’t find the answer to your question below? Our customer support team are available 9am - 5pm should you need any additional help, please don’t hesitate to contact us:


Email: Sanger.europe@genewiz.com

Tel: +49 (0) 341 520 122-0


Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you'll learn more about CLIMS and you'll find the answers to the most common questions regarding online ordering and utilizing barcodes

Q. I am new to CLIMS, how do I set up an account?
A. Go to https://clims4.genewiz.com and click ‘Register’. Fill out the basic information and create a password to access your account.

Q. What service options are available for Sanger Sequencing?
A. GENEWIZ offers two service types for Sanger sequencing of PCR products or plasmids: Pre-Mixed or Pre-Defined, both available for tubes or plates. To determine the service that is best for your samples, please download the table and the detailed descriptions for each service here.

Q. How do I order Barcodes for Sanger Sequencing?
A. On the CLIMS homepage select the ‘Order Barcodes’ icon on the Sanger Sequencing tab. Choose your payment option (Prepaid or Non-Prepaid), select service type, batch size and quantity and click 'Save and Review'. To add multiple batches, click 'Add Batch'. This will take you through to your order summary. To proceed with your order, click 'Add To Cart'. To complete your order, enter shipping details and payment preference, then 'Check Out'.

Q. How do I activate my Barcodes for Sanger Sequencing?
A. If you receive barcodes that are not activated, log into your CLIMS account. Click 'Activate Barcodes' found under 'Sanger Sequencing' on the CLIMS homepage and you will be directed to your GeneGroup® page. Under the 'My Barcodes' tab, click 'Active barcode batch'. In the window that opens, add unique Batch ID and Batch Verification No., then click 'Activate'.

Q. How do I know if my Barcodes have been activated?
A. If your barcodes have been activated, when you start to place your Sanger order, you will see the activated batches available in a dropdown menu. Otherwise, an error message will appear stating 'WARNING: Barcodes required to place Sanger orders. No barcodes available on your account. Please order barcodes here.' If you have barcodes in your possession, then you just need to activate them to proceed with your order. Simply go to the 'Activate Barcodes' icon and follow the process described above. 

Q. How do I share Barcodes for Sanger Sequencing with members of my research team?
A. To share available Barcodes for Sanger Sequencing within your institution, go to the GeneGroup® tab and click the 'My Barcodes' tab to allocate barcodes from your account to your colleagues. You can search for the barcode batch by activation date or you can free type the Barcode Batch ID in the Search box. Once you have found the correct batch click on 'Detail'. On the next page, select the barcodes you wish to allocate and click 'Assign To' on the top right. In the window that opens, enter the group member’s email address and click “Assign” to complete.

Q. Can I still use My Project Portal (MyPortal) to place an order? 
A. Our new barcode ordering method has been launched, however, My Project Portal (MyPortal) is still available for use during the transition period to the new system. We advise you to use the new ordering system moving forward so you can start to reap the benefits and familiarise yourself with the system. 
Please note: No project data will be transferred from My Project Portal to CLIMS, we therefore strongly advise you to download and save your My Project Portal data. 

Q. Can I still use my prepaid account?
A.  Yes, just enter your Prepaid account number (FPP or PP) on the billing page where you enter a PO number. You can also order Prepaid Barcodes with your Prepaid account.  

Q. What are the benefits of using CLIMS and the new Barcodes for Sanger Sequencing?
A. CLIMS’ user friendly online forms, online order tracking and secured data retrieval will make ordering much easier for you. The Barcodes for Sanger Sequencing facilitate simple and accurate sample assignment, fully-automated processing workflows in the lab and fast turnaround time.