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Complete the form below to learn more about our Early Access Program and become one of the first to utilize GENEWIZ's new high-throughput gene expression screening service for your drug discovery research!


What is high-throughput gene expression screening?

Based on next generation sequencing, GENEWIZ’s new high-throughput gene expression screening service is an optimal approach for drug discovery and analysis. Unlike microarrays which bear inherent limitations, this method offers rapid, unbiased 3' gene expression screening that provides a complete cell-to-data analysis of the transcriptome at a lower cost than standard RNA sequencing. Working directly from lysate, high-throughput gene expression screening saves both time and money by removing the need to purify RNA and performs 3’ transcript tagging that reduces the required sequencing depth.​


  • Drug discovery​
  • Compound treatment phenotyping​
  • CRISPR treatment phenotyping​
  • Cell response screening

For technical support questions, please contact our Next Generation Sequencing team

(877) 436-3949 ext. 1 | NGS@genewiz.com