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Gene-to-Discovery Solutions for mRNA, AAV, Lentivirus, and rAb Production


Our commitment to elevate your research and contribute to a healthier world starts by equipping you with the tools you need to succeed. Access an expansive suite of solutions designed to help you free up valuable time to move your research forward. As an extension of your laboratory, GENEWIZ Multiomics & Synthesis Solutions from Azenta Life Sciences seamlessly integrates into your workflow, offering valuable services that scale with your growing needs.

Gene-to-Discovery Solutions


Streamline your operations and maximize productivity with customized workflow solutions from GENEWIZ. These high-titer viral particles, high-quality mRNA transcripts, and low-endotoxin recombinant antibodies take your genes of interest and transform them into the tools you need for the next step in your research.

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AAV Packaging

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Lentivirus Packaging


mRNA Synthesis

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Recombinant Antibody Production

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GENEWIZ Gene Synthesis Services


  • Value-added Services- 2-year free-of-charge product/vector storage, no additional fees for cloning into pUC or custom vector onboarding. Bundled preps from ug to mg level.
  • Ph.D.-level Scientist Support- Ensures that there are no errors in your vector design. Offers cloning design.
  • Complete Workflow Solutions- Use one provider for sourcing, storage, and management of patient samples and edited cell lines.
  • Proprietary Technology- Over 20 years of process development in synthesis and sequencing to create the most challenging constructs with un-paralleled quality.
  • Expertise in Omics- Get more data for research decisions with genomics services such as Sanger sequencing and next-generation sequencing (NGS).

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*Terms and Conditions: Offer expires December 31, 2024. 10% discount applied to entire order for any list price Gene-to-Discovery solutions including AAV production, lentivirus production, recombinant antibody production, and mRNA synthesis. Promotion valid for one time use only. Excludes any other promotions, promotional pricing, and shipping. Maximum discount of $2,000 USD / £1,600 GBP / €1,800 Euro.