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Next generation sequencing (NGS) continues to play an indispensable role in characterizing and understanding the rapid spread of the coronavirus across the globe. This sequence-based surveillance has already proven its merit in a myriad of ways, empowering researchers, scientists, and healthcare professionals on the front lines of the pandemic. From identifying SARS-CoV-2 as the virus at the root of the outbreak to identifying targets for therapies, NGS has been instrumental in speeding up the scientific community’s response to this novel coronavirus.

GENEWIZ understands that, now more than ever, it is our global responsibility to meet the scientific needs of our community. We are fully committed to assisting in the advancement of your research around the outbreak.

Our NGS portfolio is uniquely positioned to help you identify known and emerging viruses, target regions of interest to track viral evolution, discover the intricacy of virus-host interactions, define the immune response to infection, and pave the way for advanced therapeutics and diagnostics. Our global presence, state-of-the-art facilities, and highly-qualified scientific team allow us to deliver with unparalleled quality and excellence.


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IDENTIFY, Track, and Stratify Pathogenic Sequences

Whole genome sequencing for DNA viruses
RNA-seq for RNA viruses


TARGET Pathogenic Regions of Interest

Amplicon sequencing for targeted regions (150 bp -10kb)


DISCOVER Virus-Host Interactions at the Expression Level

Aggregate transcriptome response for studying the transcriptome qualitatively and quantitatively
Single-cell transcriptome response for transcriptome diversity in heterogeneous samples


DEFINE Immune Repertoire Upon Viral Infection

Immunogenomics for in vivo and in vitro antibody discovery
Single-cell immuno-profiling for physical pairing of BCR and TCR chains



GENEWIZ’s NGS services deliver an unmatched combination of quality, reliability, and expertise. We have spent years optimizing our processes to deliver the highest-quality results that meet your budget and deadline.


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