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Pre-Developed Assays: Request a Quote

Questions? Please contact our Molecular Genetics Team at MolGen@genewiz.com, toll-free at 877-436-3949 ext. 3350, or directly at +1-908-222-0711 ext. 3350.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are pre-developed assays?

GENEWIZ extracts and sequences gDNA for the exons listed here using pre-developed, proprietary assays. No DNA extraction or PCR is required on your part, however, we can accept extracted gDNA as starting material. If you do not see the pre-developed assay you are looking for, GENEWIZ can develop custom assays to fit your needs via our Mutation Analysis and SNP Genotyping services.

2. What types of samples do you accept?

We accept genomic DNA, cell pellets, tissue, blood, buccal swabs and saliva. Please inquire about additional sample types in the “comments section” of the request form or by emailing Molgen@genewiz.com.

3. What type of data will I receive?

Deliverables include sequencing results in chromatogram format (.ab1 files) and sequence files (.seq files).

4. If I choose the analysis option, what kind of report will I receive?

The report will include mutation calls made at the nucleotide level compared to a reference sequence. 

5. Do you provide primer design of target regions that are not on your list?

Yes, this will fall under our SNP Genotyping and Mutation Analysis services. GENEWIZ can design assays to target your region of interest. New assays may require an additional 5 days turnaround time and additional assay development fees.

6. Will you accept my primer design?

Yes, GENEWIZ can accept previously designed assays and this will also fall under our SNP Genotyping and Mutation Analysis services.