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Targeted Yield

Premium bundled service intended for high-copy plasmids. Includes an endo-free process, sequence confirmation, restriction digest, and sterility testing.

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Yield Range for Amount-Based Plasmid DNA Preparation Services
250 ug Prep
1 mg Prep
5 mg Prep
10 mg Prep
20 mg Prep
 *Applies only to High-copy, stable plasmids. Low-copy, toxic, or unstable constructs should be ordered through our Per-Run service

Standard Prep

Flexible and fast choice for a range of plasmid templates. Available from the Mini-Giga scale with multiple add-on service and analysis options available.

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Yield Range for Per-Run Plasmid DNA Preparation Services
Typical Yield for
High Copy Vectors *
Mini-scale Prep 7 - 10 μg
Midi-scale Prep 70 - 100 μg
Maxi-scale Prep 350 - 500 μg
Mega-scale Prep 1.5 - 2.5 mg
Giga-scale Prep 7 - 10 mg
*The actual yield will vary with the nature of the plasmid, bacterial hosts, and other factors.
About Our Plasmid Prep Service
Local Service

We are close to you, with our Prep teams based in New Jersey, Boston, and San Diego, and our extensive network of convenient sample dropboxes and couriers.  


From choices for scale and starting material, to extensive service and analysis options, our Plasmid DNA Preparation team works to customize your order to meet or exceed your expectations.


With versatile order forms, bulk order upload, and support through every step in the process, the Azenta Plasmid DNA Preparation team is here to help you. ______

Questions? Please contact our Technical Support team

 (908) 222-0711 ext. 2 | DNASeq@azenta.com

Terms and Conditions:
Promotion is only valid for new customers to standalone plasmid preparation services. Promotion is only applicable to the items listed. Discount applies to list price only. Promotion cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts, including discounted pricing contracts. Promotional terms are subject to change at any time without notice. Other restrictions may apply.