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Simply submit your bacterial colonies as agar plates or glycerol stocks and select to save the submitted sample(s) for a future plasmid preparation order within the Sanger sequencing order form. Download the how to order guide for details. 


Direct Colony Sequencing + Plasmid DNA Preparation Workflow

GENEWIZ’s streamlined direct colony sequencing and plasmid DNA preparation workflow utilizes rolling circle amplification (RCA) prior to Sanger sequencing to expedite screening and prep-up your choice of positive clones to any scale.



Step 1

Conduct in-house experiments and submit agar plates to GENEWIZ.


Direct colony sequencing _Web_Icon@3x

Step 2

GENEWIZ performs direct colony sequencing from bacterial clones.



Step 3

Sanger data is available within 24 hours*; review data and select for positive clones.



Step 4

GENEWIZ performs plasmid DNA prep on selected clones starting at 2 business days*.



  • Work with one provider throughout your screening project

  • Save time and resources for your lab

  • Place orders for multiple services seamlessly with our online platform

  • From bacterial colonies to plasmid prep starting at 3 business days*

  • Ph.D.-level customer support through your entire project


Service Details

Direct Colony Sequencing


Utilizes rolling circle amplification (RCA) to enable Sanger sequencing of bacterial clones without the need for plasmid preparation.

Turnaround Time:
24 hours*

Starting Materials:
Bacterial colonies, glycerol

High Quality:
>600 bases of Phred20 reads


Plasmid DNA Preparation


Delivers high quality DNA from a variety of starting materials. Project customization available with various add-on options.

Turnaround Time:
Starting at 2-3 business days

Starting Materials:
Bacterial colonies, DNA,
glycerol stock

Mini to Giga



Ph.D. experts are available to discuss your project.
Call us at 877-436-3949, ext 2 or email dnaseq@genewiz.com.

*24-hour turnaround time is guaranteed for up to 96 reactions. 2 business days valid for orders without add-on analysis options, processed at local GENEWIZ labs