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The use of barcodes within our Sanger sequencing protocol enables fully-automated workflows and traceability, from initiation in your own laboratory through to delivery of your GENEWIZ Sanger sequencing data. In order to be read by our scanning system, the samples must be labelled correctly. Improperly labelled samples could result in delayed processing, please follow the instructions below to ensure that your samples are optimized for an efficient run through our workflow.

Avoid delays in your Sanger data delivery by following our barcode labelling instructions below. 


                    ORDERS SUBMITTED IN TUBES

Please affix the barcode label so it is visible
on the front of the 1.5 mL tube, as shown.


                    ORDERS SUBMITTED IN PLATES

Please affix the barcode label to the short right side of the 96 well plate, as shown.



Sample Submission Guidelines

For the best Sanger sequencing results, GENEWIZ strongly recommends you follow our Sample Submission Guidelines as closely as possible. 


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