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New Sanger Sequencing Simple Order Form

A more convenient way of ordering

Why the change?

We want to provide our customers with a more convenient method of ordering for our most popular Sanger services. Our new simple order form allows most Sanger orders to be submitted in half the time; allowing customers to spend more time on their research and less time with online order forms. Sanger customers now have a choice between the new simple order form or the original, comprehensive order form, depending on their service needs.



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What is new?

We now have two Sanger sequencing order forms to choose from:


New Form: Simple order form


  • Quicker ordering process
  • Purified products (plasmids and PCR); pre-mixed and pre-defined services only

Original Form: Comprehensive order form


  • Fully customizable, all services and DNA starting materials
  • Difficult template service available

Please note that our universal primers can now only be selected using pre-defined and custom services. The pre-mixed service is now template and primer only, when mixed by customer. This will not affect current pricing. For the pre-defined service, reactions using universal primers will be charged with pre-mixed pricing. There is no pricing change to custom orders.

When should I use the new simple order form?
  • The simple order form is perfect for customers who are looking for a convenient and fast online Sanger order form.
  • Only pre-mixed and pre-defined service types, and plasmid and purified PCR DNA types are available with the simple order form. For custom service type or all other starting materials, please use the comprehensive order form.

Step-by-step guide

For more information on how to use our new simple order form please click the link below to access our handy step-by-step ordering guide.


Ordering Guide

Please contact our Technical Support team with any questions

(877) 436-3949 ext. 2 | DNASeq@genewiz.com