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Single-Cell RNA-Seq: Request a Quote

Questions? Please contact our Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Team at ngs.europe@genewiz.com, +49 (0)341 520 122-0

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Single cell RNA-Seq?

Single cell RNA-Seq provide transcriptional profiling of thousands of individual cells. This level of throughput analysis allows researchers to understand at the single-cell level what genes are expressed, in what quantities, and how they differ across thousands of cells within a heterogeneous sample(s).

2. How is Single cell RNA-Seq different from standard RNA-seq?

Standard RNA-Seq produces a representative snapshot of the transcriptional state averaged across all cells. The caveat with traditional RNA-Seq is the resolution of individual cells and cellular subpopulations are lost. Single-cell RNA-Seq allows researchers to not only identify cellular subpopulations, but to fully interrogate them at the single-cell level within a heterogeneous sample(s).

3. How many reads do I need for my experiment?

The number of reads required depends upon the genome size, the number of known genes, cell type and transcripts. Generally, we recommend 100,000 reads per cell to maximize the identification of the transcripts.

4. Which platform and read length are best for my project?

We use 10X Genomics ChromiumTM controller coupled with sequencing on Illumina HiSeq. Chromium controller use microfluidic chip-based technology that partitions cells across tens of thousands of Gel Bead-In-Emulsions (GEMs).

This combination allows researchers to analyze thousands of single cells in a high-throughput fashion. Single Cell libraries are typically run using paired-end sequencing with dual indexing with the following configuration.

Read1: 26 cycles; i7 Index: 8 cycles; i5 Index: 8 cycles and Read2: 98 cycles

5. What starting materials do you accept?

We are currently accepting cell pellets from cell cultures including FACS sorted cells. For more information on sample submission, please click here.

6. Can GENEWIZ assist with experimental design?

Absolutely! GENEWIZ's NGS Team, a team of dedicated technical experts, is available to assist with designing your experiment and answering any questions you may have. You can submit your questions using the form to your left. Alternatively, you can email the NGS Team directly at NGS.europe@genewiz.com.

7. How is data delivered?

GENEWIZ will recommend the best data delivery option based on the platform and project details. Data delivery options include:

  • Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
  • Customer Cloud Account
  • Hard Drive (additional charges may apply)
    Please mention in the additional comments section if you have any specific preference for the above options.