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  • Starting Material: Extraction of genomic DNA from samples (fresh, fixed, and/or paraffin-embedded)
  • Primer Design: Primer design to target regions of interest or SNPs
  • Assay Development: Optimized to amplify specific target region of interest or SNPs
  • PCR: PCR amplification and high-throughput PCR purification 
  • Sequencing: Bi-directional DNA sequencing per amplicon
  • Deliverables: Sequencing results and report identifying mutations or SNPs


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Features & Benefits

Reliable Assay Development

Highly-trained scientists develop PCR assays targeted to your genes or SNPs of interest.


High-Throughput Processing

Target genes or SNPs are amplified using optimized assays; amplicons are purified and sequenced by capillary electrophoresis in our high-throughput facility.

Accurate Data

Mutations or SNPs are identified with automated and manual analysis to ensure efficiency and accuracy.


Developed Assay

Clients can store assays with GENEWIZ and reorder them over time from a dynamic assay list that will be built to fit each client’s research needs.


For technical support questions, please contact our Molecular Genetics team

 (908) 222-0711 ext. 3350 | molgen@genewiz.com


Terms & Conditions: Expires December 31, 2019. 25% off of any Molecular Genetics or Regulatory Service order for new customers only. Maximum discount of $5,000. Must use online order form and enter promotional code to receive discount. Terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice. Other restrictions may apply. Cannot be combined with other offers including discounted pricing contracts, current promotions, and GENEWIZ Referral Rewards. Please contact us with any questions regarding eligibility.