About the Webinar

Adeno-associated virus (AAV) is the most widely utilized vector for in vivo gene therapy clinical trials due to its high efficiency and enhanced safety in humans. In this webinar, GENEWIZ’s Dr. Eric Zhao will present our unique AAV-ITR Sanger sequencing and AAV plasmid preparation capabilities that maintain ITR integrity for downstream virus production, as well as our next generation sequencing-enabled QC of packaged rAAV vectors and host genomes using long-read and short-read sequencing technologies.

About the Presenter

Eric Zhao, Ph.D.

Dr. Eric Zhao is a scientist in the Research and Development department at GENEWIZ. He leads projects that include development and implementation of high-quality plasmid DNA preparation, viral vector manufacturing, and gene synthesis. He understands the importance and challenges of obtaining high-quality starting materials for gene and cell therapies using viral vectors, such as AAV. His interest in treating diseases using viral vectors began during his postdoc at Columbia University, where he used viral vectors and mouse models to study a neurodegenerative disease named CMT. He gained his Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from Fordham University, where he studied the molecular and physiological mechanisms of Kv mutations found in SCA diseases.

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