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Join the Spatial Revolution with GENEWIZ

As one of the first service providers to offer digital spatial profiling with the NanoString® GeoMx™ platform, GENEWIZ is proud to be a Premier Access Site for NanoString’s NEW Cancer Transcriptome Atlas (CTA) panel and is now accepting samples for digital spatial profiling projects utilizing the panel.


Want to join the spatial revolution? Sign up below to speak with one of our technical experts about leveraging the new CTA panel for your research, and become an early adopter of this novel technology.


What is the Cancer Transcriptome Atlas (CTA) panel?


The CTA panel is a ~1,800 gene panel designed for comprehensive profiling of tumor biology, the tumor microenvironment, and immune response. It contains genes from over 50 pathways, including coverage of global immune response, microenvironment activity, and tumor reactivity to explore all aspects of cancer biology. 


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Join the Spatial Revolution

For technical support questions, please contact our Next Generation Sequencing team

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