Whole Viral Genome Sequencing

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Confirm Plasmid Sequences

Utilize GENEWIZ’s short-read amplicon sequencing for highly-accurate confirmation of AAV plasmid inserts or confirm full-length recombinant AAV (rAAV) vector integrity at the single-molecule level with long-read amplicon sequencing.


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Validate Packaged Material

Sequence-confirm rAAV vectors and identify DNA contaminants in AAV preparation by employing the power of GENEWIZ’s short- and long-read whole genome sequencing solutions.


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Quantify AAV Expression

Employ GENEWIZ’s qPCR, targeted sequencing, or RNA sequencing solutions at the RUO and CLIA levels to measure AAV expression of the target gene after infection.


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Monitor Host Response

Stratify and characterize host-immune response during and after infection with GENEWIZ’s suite of RNA sequencing solutions, or use novel approaches including single-cell sequencing and spatial genomics.


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