About the Webinar

Until recently, modifying microbes to improve production of chemicals and enzymes via fermentation has been a slow and somewhat artisanal process. With advances in recombinant methods and DNA synthesis, systems can now be put in places that vastly accelerate product development of everything from fragrances to future fuels. In this webinar, we will review the progress made and show how systems can be implemented that completely automate organism modification R&D.

About the Presenter


Dr. Fero is a California-based scientist and entrepreneur who is best known for his work on the fundamental physics of the Electroweak interaction at MIT and Stanford, human genome microarrays at Stanford, and synthetic biology at TeselaGen.

Dr. Fero and two Stanford colleagues started TeselaGen as a way to accelerate synthetic biology and the bio-based economy. Seeing a big deficiency in biologists' ability to create what they imagine, TeselaGen focused on making the mind-to-molecule process easier and faster with automated design/build/test/learn software.

Since then, TeselaGen has had a laser-like focus on building professional state-of-the-art intelligent software systems for industrial scale synthetic biology.

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