About the Webinar

Metagenomics, the study of all genetic material within a community of microbes, can be applied broadly to research across many industries. The field of microbiome research is booming and will continue to expand into both new and existing areas of research and development, including medicine. In this webinar, I will discuss how metagenomics can be used to develop microbiome-based biomarkers. Such biomarkers may be applied to precision medicine, direct-to-consumer applications, and agriculture. Medical studies of the human microbiome can be leveraged in developing diagnostic tools, new therapies, and even as an indicator of success in a surgical procedure. Direct to consumer applications of metagenomics are helping reveal links between our microbiome and health, diet, or lifestyle. Microbiome-based biomarkers can also be developed in other fields like agriculture to help understand plant health or to improve crop yield. As the number of microbiome based studies continues to grow, the applications of metagenomics will as well. This webinar introduces bioinformatics techniques for metagenomic analysis and discuss several exciting applications for this new class of biomarkers, highlighting the current and future developments within precision medicine.

About the Presenter


Edward Messick is a Bioinformatics Analyst at GENEWIZ. He completed his M.S. at the New Jersey Institute of Technology where he studied Bioinformatics, focusing on machine learning and human disease risk prediction based on genomics. Originally pursuing studies in pharmacy at the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy (Rutgers University) and completing a Bachelors in Cell Biology and Neuroscience, his years of study and five years of experience working in a hospital fueled his passion for research in human health, disease, and drug development. Before joining GENEWIZ, Edward worked in various roles within biotech and pharmaceutical companies, developing biologics for a small pharmaceutical company, as well as at Quintiles, managing clinical trials and clinical data. His major interests are in drug development, human genetics, and development of bioinformatics systems to aid in research within these fields.

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