About the Webinar

The brain is an intricate web of specialized neurons, with sub-populations of these neurons expressing unique markers and serving distinct biochemical - and behavioral - roles. The cutting edge of transcriptional analysis in the brain has gotten sharper in recent years, and neuroscientists are moving from broad, whole-tissue experiments to more refined analyses of neuronal cell types. This webinar will discuss the technical elements of dissociating, sorting and analyzing brain tissue according to two different protocols - whole cell and nuclear extraction. It will also touch upon the challenges and promises of moving to single-cell analysis of neuronal transcription.

About the Presenter


Hope Kronman is a 4th year MD/Ph.D. student and works in the laboratory of Dr. Eric Nestler, where she has helped refine sorting protocols for neurons and apply them in novel ways to study the mechanics of the brain's reward system. Before entering into the MD/Ph.D. program, Hope completed her undergraduate at Yale University, where she studied the myriad scientific and philosophical fields that make up cognitive science.

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